Computer Education

The Computer Education is given due emphasis in the school curriculum. The school has a modern well equipped air-conditioned Computer Laboratory. Every student is provided and ample time to practice on the computers. Students, right from class IV, are regularly exposed Computer Education and simple educational packages so as to develop familiarity with computers.

Medical Care & Infirmary

School provides free medical FIRST-AIDS to the students. Medical specialists visit the school from time to time. Medical check-up is help periodically and medical record of every student is maintained.

Library & Book Bank

The school library has an excellent collection of over 5000 books encyclopedias, dictionaries, Reference-books, literary works in Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Urdu, Fiction and in particular literature suited to young minds. Library regularly subscribes a number of newspaper, magazines and journals on technical and conational subjects. Students and staff can always be found there happily browsing over books and magazines. Of course, it is the nerve centre of the school The books cater the needs of deserving and needy students. Text-books are issued to these students for the whole session. The students, too, donate generously their text-book to the book-bank. This donation is purely on voluntary basis.


The school has an extensive play-ground. The school organizes sport activities regularly to enhance the student's skill in developing a sound body, an adobe to sound mind. The school has facilities of many indoor and outdoor games and sports viz Badminton, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Chess, Karate, Cricket etc.

Environment Consciousness

Every Year school carries out various programmers to arouse environment consciousness among the students. Different activities like Plantation, Slogan Writing Poster-making, Quiz and Speech Competitions related to the environment are conducted in the school.

Home Work Diary

Home work diary is provided to every student at the beginning of the academic session. Students will note down home-work in the diary and subject teacher will duly sign it daily. The parents are also informed through the diary about their ward's progress.


The school has a number of comfortable buses and other vehicles that ply in area of 50 km. radius. These buses cover almost entire Varanasi-City, Raja Talab, Kapsethi, Jansap and the places on route.