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Payment of Fee

  • Fees to be paid along with the Fee Card by 15th Day of every month.
  • Failing which five days grace period will be provided.
  • If not paid during the grace period, a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged. Even then if fee is not paid by the last day of the month, the name of students will be struck off.
  • Re-admission charge Rs.-250/-
  • No student will be allowed to appear in the examination if dues are pending.
  • For applying and taking the T.C. Fee Card should be brought.
  • For the loss of this card Rs.25/- will be charged.


  • If parents want to withdraw their ward, an application for withdrawal should be submitted to the principle.
  • S.L.C./T.C. will be issued after 3 days of the submission of application along with the prescribed fees and dues, if any by the parents.
  • Those asking S.L.C./T.C. prior to the prescribed time i.e. 3days, will have to pay extra fee.
  • Generally a duplicate copy of S.L.C./T.C. is not issued.
  • Those seeking a copy of duplicate S.L.C. will have to submit an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs. 10.00 signed both by the student and the guardian.
  • The school authorities may issue a duplicate S.L.C. after Complete verification of all facts and realizing the prescribed fee for it.
  • Further copies of S.L.C. will not be issued in any case