The Varanasi Public School is the culmination of Vision, inspiration and zeal of worthy members of the Varanasi Shiksha Samiti, Varanasi. Its foundation stone was laid down by the benevolent hands of Shri S.N. Pandey, a renowned educationist administrator and social worker.

The journey from infancy to adolescence has been tough but the encouragement of the well-wishers at various stages inspired the promoters to move further at the unprecedented pace. VPS got affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Concept & Vision

Varanasi Public School provide complete education for youngsters that encourage them to be :

Intellectually able, spiritually aware, socially responsible, emotionally mature, physically healthy & culturally enriched.

We nurture in our students so that realization dawn that maturity comes with the development , not just of physical strength, but with the acquisition of moral and intellectual strength.

We provide and education that is challenging yet enjoyable, resulting in its being remembered with gratitude lifelong.

We believe that every child is unique, that every child has a talent and that he/she deserves to be treated as an individual.

Aims & Objectives

Varanasi Public School aims at focusing various pursuits of excellence in academics, curricular & co-curricular activities through effective and liberal education:

To develop students physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual capabilities.
Enrich students with knowledge & wisdom.
Motivate students creativity with traditional sensibility
Create a sense of discipline, social responsibility and self reliance.
Generate and promote sense of social harmony and universal space.
Enable students skilled in different vocations.
Appreciate & honor the cultural heritage, ecological and ethical values.