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A MESSAGE FROM OUR CHAIRMAN : Only education leads man towards perfection in life 'this very statement impresses us to quest for a healthy education which is a never ending process. So it is essential to highlight the values of education with its traditional openness which still faces enormous challenges and dangers. One should agree that propriety of a nation absolutely lay in strengthening education which is only and solely source of the entire development of the either society or nation.

The great wealth of any prosperous nation is children and the great success of the nation is in their success. So VPS has been focusing special attention on the all round development of children. To unveil their hidden treasure, analytical system of study is being transported for widening for horizon of their knowledge.

By promoting the newly pattern of study along with the whole set of educational practices our school is fast fulfilling its tryst with destiny. This system of education has generated over whelming response from all over the city and states. Being duty bound to sure value based educational system we have gaining the encouraging response and enthusiasm of the parents. This all is being done emphatically with an energetic with tea of teachers having religious commitments.

The VPS is proud of possessing the uninterrupted flow of education which quenches the thirst of students' learning through well-knitted chain of academics and spiritual pursuits.

Vijay Kumar Jaiswal

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Welcome to School

INTRODUCTION : The Varanasi Public School is the culmination of Vision, inspiration and zeal of worthy members of the Varanasi Shiksha Samiti, Varanasi. Its foundation stone was laid down by the benevolent hands of Shri S.N. Pandey, Shri Bholanath Gupta, Shri. Vijay Kumar Jaiswal a renowned educationist administrator and social worker.

The journey from infancy to adolescence has been tough but the encouragement of the well-wishers at various stages inspired the promoters to move further at the unprecedented pace. VPS got affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

CONCEPT & VISION : Varanasi Public School provide complete education for youngsters that encourage them to be :

Intellectually able, spiritually aware, socially responsible, emotionally mature, physically healthy & culturally enriched.